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Using a URL Session has a step-by-step list of events that occur when a session is performing a task, and which delegate methods are called as a result.

On the other hand, if you don’t need any of the features provided by a delegate, you can use this API without providing one by passing Important The session object keeps a strong reference to the delegate until your app exits or explicitly invalidates the session.

And no, you are not using the same session object after a timeout.

Kind Regards, Jakob Jenkov Http Session get Session(boolean create)Returns the current Http Session associated with this request or, if there is no current session and create is true, returns a new session.

API, your app creates one or more sessions, each of which coordinates a group of related data transfer tasks.

For example, if you’re creating a web browser, your app might create one session per tab or window, or one session for interactive use and another for background downloads.

There are four techniques which can be used to identify a user session.a) Cookiesb) Hidden Fieldsc) URL Rewritingd) Session Object With Cookies , Hidden Fields and URL rewriting approaches, client always sends a unique identifier with each request and server determines the user session based on that unique identifier where as session tracking approach using Session Object uses the other three techniques internally.

I want ask a question about session.invalidate() Let assume we have where we input user and password.

By: jim_pang Hi Henry, thx for the helpful example. I put the session into static, and forgot to invoke getcurrentsession..

I'm not sure what the cleanest way to do this, but I did the following: 1) add a method on my custom realm: public void invalidate User(Principal Collection principals) 2) Whenever I want to invalidate a session, I call: public static void invalidate User Auth() ---James ----- Original Message ----- From: "Mike K" Actually, now that I've reread your post, I misunderstood your question.

The supports the HTTP/1.1, SPDY, and HTTP/2 protocols.

HTTP/2 support is described by RFC 7540, and requires a server supporting either ALPN or NPN for protocol negotiation.

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You can also add support for your own custom networking protocols and URL schemes (for your app’s private use) using API involves many different classes working together in a fairly complex way that may not be obvious if you read the reference documentation by itself.

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